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PopUp Eraser is a program that automatically closes pop-ups
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PopUp Eraser is a program that automatically closes pop-ups. Very often, when browsing through the Web, you will see windows that open up without your consent showing you ads and offers from some sponsors. These pop-ups are usually an annoyance: they distract you from the search you are doing, and use up system resources, slowing down your browsing speed. Popup Eraser can block these pop-ups, preventing them from opening altogether.

When running, the program keeps itself in the system tray. You will be able to access its menu by right-clicking on that icon. This way, you can view which sites are blacklisted (so the program kills pop-ups from them), and you can add more sites to that list. The program also lets you define the sites on which you want the pop-ups to show up. To make it simpler for you to choose, it displays a list of the sites that it has blocked, and another one that shows you the sites which the program showed pop-ups on.

You can use the Options entry to specify which hotkey you wish to use to allows pop-ups temporarily and how much time the pop-up windows may remain open before the program shuts them.

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